Amplifying Hope
Empowering African Healthcare with PCR Kit Innovations for Neonatal Sepsis

Welcome to Amplifying Hope


“Amplifying Hope: Empowering African Healthcare with PCR Kit Innovations for Neonatal Sepsis” is a project to develop a specific diagnostic PCR kit for neonatal sepsis. It is estimated that around 270,000 children die from this condition in Sub-Saharan Africa every year. The PCR-method would provide a fast and affordable method specially adapted for the African market and hence reducing neonatal morbidity, mortality, and antibiotic abuse.
Real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is considered the gold standard in pathogen detection because it's highly effective, even when only a small amount of pathogen is present. Unlike traditional methods that take days, PCR delivers results in just 2 to 3 hours, which can be life-saving, particularly for newborns at risk of neonatal infections.

This project aims to tackle the critical challenges faced by health and research institutions in detecting pathogens, which often leads to delayed or improper treatment and loss of lives. In Rwanda, PCR kits are scarce and costly since they must be imported. The goal is to develop affordable, locally-produced PCR kits tailored for diagnosing neonatal sepsis in Africa. This is crucial because the bacteria causing sepsis in differ from country to country, necessitating specially designed kits.

Additionally, the project will focus on creating PCR kits that are stable at room temperature for easier distribution. By making PCR kits locally available and affordable, the project promises to save many lives. The combined expertise of biochemists and other experts will ensure the successful design, development, production, and registration of these kits as In-vitro Diagnostics, ready to revolutionize pathogen detection in Africa.