Amplifying Hope
Empowering African Healthcare with PCR Kit Innovations for Neonatal Sepsis

Our Mission


At Amplifying Hope, we strive to amplify hope and save lives. Through our innovative PCR kits, we aim to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal sepsis, thereby making a significant contribution to improving health systems in Africa.
Our vision is a world where every newborn child has a fair chance of a healthy life, regardless of where they are born. With our combined efforts and a clear goal in mind, we are working to make this vision a reality.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our project. Together, we can make a difference and strengthen hope for the smallest among us.

Milestones for Development of Amplifying Hope Diagnostic Kit for Neonatal Sepsis
1. Design and Development (9-12 months)
o Develop a real-time PCR diagnostic kit to detect bacteria causing neonatal sepsis in blood samples.
o Build on previous experimental research on PCR kits done at INES Ruhengeri.
o Aim for a multiplex PCR system to identify different bacteria and potential antibiotic resistances.
2. Lyophilization Protocol Development
o Establish a protocol for freeze-drying the diagnostic kits to simplify distribution and storage.
3. Verification and Quality Control (up to 6 months)
o Verify the kits' specificity and sensitivity.
o Cooperate with Rwandan hospitals to gather reliable and comparable data with conventional methods.
4. Material Assembly and Development
o Assemble raw materials for commercial PCR kits.
o Conduct this step in parallel with development and verification.
5. Registration and Compliance
o Follow ISO 13485 standards for quality management.
o Design necessary protocols, SOPs, and conduct risk assessments.
o Ensure acceptance by the Rwanda FDA.
6. Marketing and Start-Up Formation
o Create a project management website for PCR kits.
o Launch marketing once a reliable kit is available and registered.
o Establish a start-up company in Rwanda for kit distribution.
o Use earnings to fund new projects.